Started 3 Day-Week Half Marathon Training Last Week

Started 3 Day-Week Half Marathon Training Last Week

A friend of mine said she wants to run in a half marathon this year. She said it’s something she has always wanted to do and has been training for it. I told her I have never done one either and I would do it with her. She was really excited when I told her this and told me about the training plan she was using. She showed me the app and I downloaded it on my phone.

Great App for Marathon Training Helped Keeping Track

The app I downloaded was for 3 day a week half marathon training. I looked through it to see how it trained for marathons and I really liked the set up of it. I used the app that evening on the treadmill and it was really easy to get started. Since it’s 3 day-week half marathon training I haven’t done it daily, but it’s supposed to work out better if you rest in between.

Keeping to the Marathon Training Schedule for Success

I have used the app about 3 times since getting it. My friend is already on her 4th week and said it’s getting harder, but it’s not that bad. The marathon she wants to run in is in April so that will give us both enough time to train and feel comfortable being in it. Even though it’s not a full marathon, it’s still the first time for both of us and we both think it’s a starting point. Hopefully one day we will be able to do a full marathon, but for now this is working out. We are supposed to have nice weather in the next few days and I plan on getting outside and using it during those days. I haven’t got to do that yet so I am anxious to see how well it works for me when I use it outside.