Shocking Dog Training Collar Review

We all are looking for the best collar to use when we are training our dogs. You may have seen and read many dog training shock collar reviews. Below we have one that is called Rosy and Rocky dog training collar which had an LCD display on the transmitter.

The transmitter for the dog training collar is of a portable size that is easy to handle, operate and carry around. It has a strap that can be attached or detach according to your desire. It uses three triple A batteries. It has an AC adapter of 100-240 V (50-60Htz) which can be used internationally to charge the receiver. The receiver is portable and comfortable to any type of dog. It had a power button for turning on and off, and a LED light indicator to alert you if there is still power at the receiver.


On the back side of the receiver, it has two sets of prangs which are used depending on the dog’s coat. to turn on the receiver, just hold the power button for a few seconds, and to turn it off the same. When on, the LED indicator will light for four seconds. When the LED lights for the four seconds, then you can pair the two devices (receiver and the transmitter).
The transmitter has five buttons which are:
• Ok button
• Flashlight button for switching on a flashlight to use during the dark
• Mode button, of which you can use to switch to vibration mode, static crack mode and the sound mode.
• Level button (on the top right), used to set the levels of the three modes.
• Color button, which pairs the receiver to three different colors.