Picking your Home Gym

Picking your Home Gym

Its a tough choice to find the right home gym for your situation. There are many variables and so there is not one home gym which will work for everyone’s situation.

Checking the Reviews of Different Home Gyms

Some people will need a home gym that takes up little to no space, or folds away, while others have a whole room that they can dedicate to their workout area. With all those factors it’s useful to consult a website that has reviews and compares each system. I haven’t had a chance to review the various home gyms available on the market.

What is the top Multi Gym Setup?

One online resource I’ve found that has a large variety of multi gym reviews is www.multigymreviews.com. WhileI generally prefer free weights myself, home gyms can be very effective for building and maintaining muscle mass.  When you want to workout hard but don’t have a partner that can commit to regular workouts a smith machine can be a good compromise.

Marcy MD 9010G allows you to be able to give the bar a quick twist if the weight is too much to complete the rep. This makes a spot almost unnecessary. I wouldn’t max out on this type of a system while alone, but I would feel pretty safe doing multiple reps at 90 or 95% of my max.