Furniture with Southern Flair

Paula Deen furniture collections really stand out from collections by other designers because of the Southern influence that can be seen in every piece that she designs. This is particularly true of the River House collection, which is influenced almost entirely by the Savannah River and the culture and history that surround it. Characteristics of this collection include contrasting pieces that are finished in dark and light wood. When people buy one piece of furniture by Paula Deen, they usually soon decide to buy another.

Other collections include Home and Down Home, and these both contain furniture that can really help to make your house a home. These two collections are what Paula Deen is best known for, simple yet elegant styles that really add something to your home. Her designs mostly use poplar wood, which is native to the Savannah region. These collections include furniture that can be placed in every room of the house. Bedroom furniture comes in a variety of styles that is suitable for both adult and children’s rooms.
Universal Furniture has been producing furniture designed by Paula Deen for a number of years. This partnership has resulted in the production of a number of different collections, all of which have proved very popular with consumers. All Paula Deen pieces are made with the values that Universal stand for, that everyone should be able to own high quality furniture at an affordable price. This is one of the main reasons that this partnership has already lasted for so long, and will continue to do so.